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I'm am attending Community College of Philadelphia and I plan on majoring in psychology and minoring in photography. I enjoy photographing my friends and every so often nature and still life. I mainly take pictures in color and then later change some to Black & White, sepia, and so on. I began taking pictures in high school and have been the go to guy when there is a party or event. I normally use Nikon cameras but I have been known to use a Canon camera.

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Mr Lloyd(non-registered)
Nice job son! Great pics. Follow your dreams and passions, and always give them your all.....No regrets 10 years down the line.
Golden Murray(non-registered)
Jamal your work is amazing. You are extremely talented...yet humble. You are such a beautiful soul and you also capture beauty in everything you photograph and thats what I love the most about your work. Keep slaying love ;) Yours truly, Goldie.
Jamal your photos are awesome dude! viva la AO! lol
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